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Blue Iris Books

Krista has long been passionate about books and the printing process. As well as being a writer, she started a small, independent publishing company called Blue Iris Books in 2012. Blue Iris Books is dedicated to the publication of books that are not only enjoyable to read but also beautiful to look at.

To check out the Blue Iris Books catalogue, please visit the website at

KLW Designs

In the mid 1990s, Krista designed her first website. Web design at the time was limited. Krista worked within the parameters of the time, but believed it could be the next great communication medium capable of beauty.

In 2016, Krista, in connection to her endeavors with Blue Iris Books, expanded her interest in design. She directed and helped create the books covers and interior layout of the Blue Iris Books catalogue.

To work with Krista and to see more of her design work, please use the contact page.

Women’s Sports Outreach

For over ten years, Krista has traveled on the professional tennis tour as a sports mentor, accompanying female players to international tournaments and Grand Slams. Seeing the need for resources geared towards the female professional athlete, Krista started Women’s Sports Outreach (WSO) in 2015.

WSO publishes interviews with world-class athletes as well as articles written by WSO sports mentors. WSO sports mentors are female athletes themselves and have extensive experience counseling and coaching professional, Olympic and elite athletes.

For more information about WSO and to speak to a WSO sports mentor, please see the Women’s Sports Outreach (WSO) website at